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See How We Generated 393 Quality LASIK Leads And 50+ Consultations In Less Than A Month

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Are You Ready To DOMINATE Your Market And Grow Your LASIK Practice On Autopilot?

Are you


ready to reap the benefits of being the industry leader in your area? LasikEngage provides the implementation of proven LASIK marketing campaigns to elite LASIK practices around the US.

Through the power of education, our exclusive marketing automation campaigns engage and empower your patients to come in for a LASIK consultation.

Nick Sudhaus,

Owner of LasikEngage Marketing

Become The Leader In Your Market

LASIK is a competitive industry, no doubt. Every competitive advantage makes a difference. We give you that edge.

We work with elite LASIK practices all across the US.

However, we only run marketing campaigns for one LASIK center per market to avoid any conflicts of interest and keep quality high.


No Guesswork Required

Wouldn't it be nice to launch a marketing campaign that was GUARANTEED to get you great results?

All of our LASIK marketing campaigns have been tested, optimized and have proven over and over again to get results and provide you with an optimal ROI. 

Why waste your time and money trying to reinvent the wheel when we've already developed the perfect LASIK marketing funnel for you?

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